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Hurrah! So chocolate may reduce your risk of heart failure if you’re a middle-aged or older woman, say researchers writing in the medical journal Circulation: Heart Failure (an American Heart Association publication).

Chocolate eaten in moderate quantities, that is, I have to add (begrudgingly). But what the heck, it’s still good news. I always knew I was developing a stronger taste for the stuff – obviously I’m racking up a healthy appetite for anything cocoa-related and will have the teensiest risk of heart failure by the time I’m middle-aged or older.

Hmm. Perhaps not, says the bubble-bursting British Heart Foundation. “But before you rip open those sweet treats, remember that whilst antioxidants in chocolate may be helpful to your heart, they can also be found in fruit and veg – foods which don’t come with the saturated fat and high calories that chocolate does,” says BHF senior dietician Victoria Taylor.

Oh, boo.