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Congratulations to 47-year-old Zelda Haxby, who has lost more than half her body weight to win the title of Slimming World’s Greatest Loser 2011. That’s one hell of a lot of weight, Zelda. Way to go.

The York-based mother-of-two dropped from 35st 7lb to 15st 7lb – or if you prefer to imagine her massive achievement in terms of dress sizes, she shrank from a size 36 to a 14/16. Wow.

Zelda admits she ate up to 15 packets of crisps a day, but fearing she may leave her two boys without a mum – and having put up with enough of the taunting she received at the hands of cruel people who laughed at her when she went out – she changed her life by joining Slimming World, and five years later she’s a weight loss champ.

‘At my biggest I wasn’t living, I was just existing,’ she says.

Now, literally half the person she used to be, Zelda’s a new – and amazing – woman.

Having just polished off a whole packet of Cadbury Mini Eggs (my current chocolate passion), I feel decidedly ashamed of myself.