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There’s nothing new in the idea that oral health is linked to heart health – there are plenty of studies that suggest the better you look after your teeth, the better your chance of avoiding heart disease.
And now there’s a new study that, er, says exactly the same. Recently presented by Taiwanese researchers at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, the study found that people who have their teeth cleaned by a dentist have a 24 percent lower risk of a heart attack and 13 percent lower risk of having a stroke, compared with people have never bothered going for a scale and polish.
A visit to a dental hygienist may not exactly be the highlight of your week, but I like it when research shows you can be actively involved in staying healthy – in this case, by going to the dentist. It’s something we can all do – if we have the cash, that is. I dare say some people may struggle to find the £40 or so that a session with a dental hygienist costs, especially in these cash-strapped times.
The British Heart Foundation has, of course, something to say on the subject. “It’s already known that poor oral hygiene may be associated with more well known risk factors for heart disease, such as smoking and poor diet,” says senior cardiac nurse Natasha Stewart.  “So it’s important to make sure that good personal hygiene forms a basic part of a healthy lifestyle.
“Keeping your teeth clean and visiting the dentist is important but if you really want to help look after your heart, make sure you eat a balanced diet, avoid  smoking and take part in regular physical activity .
Not bad advice at all.