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Oh dear. Talking of smoking (see previous post, below), I must admit I had to sigh heavily when I read the news about Nick Clegg, leader of what was the Liberal Democrats (now Conservatives-lite), and the boob he made on last Sunday’s Desert Island Discs programme on Radio 4.

It all came out in the House of Commons today, when Labour MP for Gateshead Ian Mearns quite rightly put the boot in old Cleggy, who allegedly chose “a stash of cigarettes” as the luxury he would take with him to a desert island.

Tut, tut, Mr Clegg. Who’s been a naughty boy then? Don’t you know smoking is public enemy number one where health is concerned? And if you do smoke, a person in your position should never admit it. It’s almost as bad as saying you use the worst drug known to mankind. Actually, come to think of it…

Clegg quipped on the radio: “I do like the occasional cigarette. It is a terrible thing. I hope my children don’t hear this programme because they don’t know that I smoke.”

Well they do now, Cleggy. They do.