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Men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses, so they say… Well, it’s been a slow and uninspiring start to the week where health is concerned, which is why I was drawn to the survey that suggests people who wear glasses look three years older than the spectacle-free (or five years older if you’re 45+). Hmmm.

Glasses make you look geeky and suggest you’re good at using computers, the survey also claims. Oh, please. Talk about making judgements without thinking. There again, I’m a big fan of geeky, especially when it looks like Moss from The IT Crowd.

But wait. Who exactly carried out the survey? Right, it was the London Vision Clinic – a clinic that performs, guess what? Yes, laser eye surgery. Well, well, what a surprise.

So  here’s what I’d like to say to the London Vision Clinic: Johnny Depp, sexy or not? Julia Roberts, sexy or not? David Beckham, sexy or not? And where do you think Michael Caine would be now if it weren’t for those smouldering eyes behind thick, black frames?

I could go on, but I’m boring myself silly.