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Have you joined a gym this January in an attempt to tick off your must-get-fit resolution for 2019? No, me neither.

Not that I didn’t give it some serious though. But gym memberships are pricey – especially if you don’t use them as much as you should – and there are so many other ways to get active. For instance, just type ‘workout’ into the YouTube search box, and you’ll find more fitness routines than you can shake a stick at (and if you have a Chrome Cast device you can follow them on your big-screen TV).

Subscription or on-demand online fitness sites are also getting incredibly popular. And they make sense, especially if you prefer to work out in private. But some can also be as expensive as paying for a gym membership.

And that’s why I was delighted to hear that fitness trainer Julia Buckley has ditched the membership fee to her online gym – which was just a tenner a month anyway. Sign up now and you can get free access to more than 200 real-time workout videos, including 12 structured programmes, healthy recipes, motivational advice, a supportive community forum – and more. Julia’s a bit of a fitness legend, having written the a fitness best seller, The Fat Burn Revolution, and her website has helped thousands to change their bodies and their lives. Her workouts tend to be short – which is great news for anyone pushed for time – but they push you to your limit. And all in the comfort of your own home (so don’t be afraid to sweat).

Julia has told me that the free membership will run at least until the spring, or even indefinitely if she gets as many new members as I suspect she will.

So whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, don’t miss out, sign up now at

Good luck with your goals.

Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash