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Forgive me for being sick to the back teeth of the health white paper and the effect it may or may not have on the NHS (yes, I know I should be more interested, but the whole thing has been more over-exposed than James Corden this last week or so). So instead of trying to being serious today, I’m continuing my animal theme (see yesterday’s post about grizzly bears). It’s also an excellent excuse to feature a photograph of my little pooch Buddy Love (okay, I know, nepotism or what?). Oh come on, isn’t he the cutest thing…?

Well back to the story, which is about dogs who bite being depressed rather than aggressive. No, really, I’m not joking. It was in today’s Daily Mail (so, er, it must be true…). Apparently Spanish researchers have discovered well-behaved mutts have higher levels of serotonin than dogs who grow and bite. Amazing. And even more amazing is that a growing number of dogs are being described antidepressants. Yes, antidepressants. There is already a beef-flavoured Prozac pill for pooches on the market. No, I’m not making this up.

Now my little Buddy Love has been known to nip from time to time (he’s never bitten me, only my husband Nick… now what does that mean, I wonder?). So I’m off to boost his serotonin levels with a game of fetch (his favourite).

Tomorrow: guinea pigs with bipolar disorder or ADHD, perhaps? Let’s hope not.