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With the global financial situation not looking to get much – if any – better in 2012, it’s encouraging to hear that many people get a dose of happiness from things that cost absolutely nothing. At least that’s according to a poll by UK health insurer PruHealth. The company’s survey shows that it’s the simple things in life that put a smile on our faces every day.

So to kick the new year off on a positive note, here are the top 10 things that – according to the survey – give us that feel-good factor…

1.  Spending time with family (56%)
2.  Achievements by loved ones including children or grandchildren (30%)
3.  Someone being nice or smiling at me (27%)
4.  Taking a walk on a beautiful day (24%)
4.  Getting a good night’s sleep (24%)
5.   Doing something for someone else (17%)
5.   Being secure in my job/financial security (17%)
6.   Spending time with pets (13%)
6.   A night out or going to a concert (13%)
7.   Keeping fit (12%)
8.   Finding a great deal that saves me money (11%)
9.   Work achievements (9%)
10.  Personal pampering (8%)

Well okay, not all of these things come free, but most of them are. And since feeling good is linked to better physical and emotional health, many of these things are worth much more than money anyway.

The survey also discovered the top 10 ways to reward yourself – a few of these are free too…

1.  Going out for a meal (46%)
2.  Spending time with friends / family (41%)
3.  Going on holiday (40%)
4.  Staying in, curled up on the sofa (28%)
5.  Indulging in foods I don’t have regularly (28%)
6.  Chocolate (28%)
7.  Watching films (26%)
8.  Watching TV (26%)
9.  Entertaining / treating my friends / family (23%)
10. Retail therapy (21%)

Happy New Year!