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It seems like everything you read about in the health news pages is all about what you shouldn’t do, and how much the things we really like are bad for us. So when something comes along that says go ahead, enjoy yourself – or something along those lines – we should grab it with both hands and shake the living daylights out of it.

So of course I was delighted to read recently that Spanish medical researchers writing in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease are claiming drinking alcohol – light to moderate consumption, of course – could protect women who don’t smoke from developing Alzheimer’s disease (something to do with the fact that alcohol affects brain neuronal receptors, apparently). Woo hoo, pop those champagne corks immediately. Well, it’s not every day we get told it’s not just okay but positively good for you to have a drink.

Why this encouraging news only affects non-smoking women, I can’t tell you. But if you are a non-smoking woman (as I am), then rejoice, because good news like this doesn’t come around every day.