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Some interesting news dropped into my inbox today, from Asda no less. Yes, the supermarket (and my regular food shop destination, thanks to the fact that there’s a nice, large Asda just down the road from where I live).

The good people at my default favourite super food store have carried out a survey involving 18,000 of its lovely shoppers – not me, I hasten to add, why am I never targeted in surveys I’ve often wondered? The subject of the survey was health checks (well, after all the supermarket is offering a pretty good deal at the moment – just a fiver to get your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checked, plus your BMI calculated). And here are the top line results.

More than one in three Brits who are in the highest risk group for diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure haven’t had a check-up. One in five women struggle to find the time to book a doctor’s appointment and 63 percent would rather go to their supermarket for a health check than visit their doctor. Whaaaaaaat?

Blimey. It sure is a sign of the changing times when the majority of people would rather get a health check-up at the supermarket than at their GP’s surgery. There again, it’s definitely a lot easier to pop down to the store than see a GP these days (no dig intended – oh, alright then…)

Talking of which, where have all the riskfactorphobes gone? You’re obviously not big Asda shoppers, are you? Otherwise I suspect the check-up stats that came from this latest survey would be a different story.

Back to Asda, and a quote from John Evans, the store’s suuperintendent pharmacist:“Health and eye checks are so simple, take no time at all and are so important to ensure everything is as it should be. Plus you could potentially prevent more serious problems from developing. We understand how busy people, and especially mums who juggle work and home life with kids, nursery – the list goes on. However it couldn’t be easier for shoppers to pop into an Asda store, do their weekly food shop, followed by a check-up in one of our private consultation rooms, and at such a fantastic iconic price of just £5.”

Too right, John. If anyone wants me, I’ll be spending my fiver after a quick cruise down the organic vegetables aisle…