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I  hope that you’re enjoying this unseasonably fine weather, as I am along with everyone else here in the south of England. Can you believe that I saw a woman in a bikini yesterday? I know it’s warm, but is it really bikini weather?

Well that’s the problem. While I’m the type of person to definitely not strip off to my bikini so early in the year, whatever the weather, I’m also the type to slather myself in sun protection at the merest hint of the sun. I bet the woman in the bikini didn’t do the same yesterday. And if we do enjoy what’s being touted as the first ‘barbecue weekend’ of the year this weekend, I bet lots of other people won’t either.

Enter the skin cancer experts with their well-timed warnings.

“A sunny weekend is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the weather, particularly as some sun is good for us,” says Caroline Cerny, SunSmart campaign manager at Cancer Research UK.  “However, before heading out to relax in the garden, taking a trip to the beach, or even just walking about town, think about your skin and the steps you can take to cut your chances of getting sunburn.

“Enjoy the sun safely – relax in the shade, cover up with hats and loose clothing, and use at least factor 15 sunscreen with a four or five star rating to protect your skin from sunburn.  As well as being painful and unattractive, sunburn is a sign of skin damage that can increase your risk of skin cancer.”

Ignore her advice at your peril, even if it is only April. And if you don’t believe me, try counting the number of red-skinned bodies you’ll see this weekend if the promise of fabulous weather materialises – and indeed I sincerely hope it will. Me and my bottle of SPF45.