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Today the World Health Organisation has warned that the H1N1 virus (swine flu, incase you’d forgotten) pandemic isn’t over yet… cue mass hysteria among riskfactorphobes. Well, after all, it is the winter flu season in the southern hemisphere, though the virus is apparently most active at the moment in the Caribbean and South-East Asia.

The WHO committee that declares the existence of a flu pandemic is meeting next month – at which time, they may well reduce the level of the outbreak, which has been at level six (the highest) since last June. Oh whoop-di-doo, I can hardly wait.

Here in the UK, it is the most stunningly beautiful June day, and here we are worrying about swine flu. Again. Okay, maybe it is necessary to remind people that we’re not out of the woods yet, H1N1-wise. But can’t we just bask in a bit of ignorance while we have this gorgeous sunshine (which, as all Brits know, has been in severely short supply lately)? After all, it probably won’t last long if the last few summers are anything to go by.

Come the winter flu season, worry us all you like – but let us have our riskfactorphobia-free day in the sun for now. Please.